Evolving Regulatory Forums

Energy utilities face numerous and daunting challenges. In addition to more stringent federal environmental regulations, they face significantly increased competition from natural gas suppliers and dramatic shifts in technology; both in energy generation and in end-consumer energy management. SEEA engages actively with utilities across the Southeast to support and facilitate industry discussions on adapting utility business models as we all move closer to becoming an energy services economy.

Driven by SEEA’s commitment to facilitating constructive dialogue and the pursuit of “win-win” solutions, SEEA has been, and continues to be, an active participant in utility business model conversations with utilities. In this capacity, the whole organization engages with and supports utilities, regulatory authorities and the broader stakeholder base of energy technology developers, non-utility energy service providers and energy consumers with an eye to developing innovative strategies that support the resilience of southeastern energy utilities. SEEA also supports this effort by offering regional perspective and connectivity.