Residential Energy Code Field Study in the Southeast: Georgia

Project Overview

The Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (SEEA), in partnership with Advanced Energy and Southface Energy Institute, will deploy innovative resources and programming to increase residential energy code compliance rates in Georgia. We will begin the data collection portion in early 2015, which will be lead by Southface and their technical team. Concurrently, we will be holding three public stakeholder meetings around the state, which we encourage your attendance for further information and discussion sessions with the project team. Once the field data has been collected, we will organize trainings, educational meetings, online resources, and other outreach opportunities statewide.

GA Field Study final

Project Updates:

In-Field Data collection has finished

Southface managed the in-field collection of a statewide data collection effort to gather trends of real-world single-family new construction. The project team focused on collecting data relating to the residential energy code requirements that led to the largest amount of energy usage relating to new construction. The eight key items of observation are:

  • Wall insulation R-value and insulation installation quality
  • Ceiling insulation R-value and insulation installation quality
  • Envelope air tightness (ACH50)
  • Duct tightness
  • Window SHGC & U-factor
  • Lighting
  • Foundation Insulation

The graphic above displays the results in compliance rate with these items.

In-Field Data collection has started

After engaging stakeholders and with the Open Forum meetings held around the state, and with support from the Department of Community Affairs, Georgia Environmental Finance Agency, along with HBA and trade association local chapter support, the project team has begun randomly collecting anonymous samples around the state. Only a few data points will be collected from each site, the house/builder/jurisdiction will *not* be identified in any way through out the study, and the collected data will go into a statistically significant analysis conducted by the Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL) to determine the amount of ‘typical’ energy usage of a single family new construction in Georgia based on current trends and building techniques.

Open Forum Stakeholder Meetings are complete!

The Georgia Residential Energy Codes Team is beginning the development of new trainings, resources and tools to help building contractors work most effectively with Georgia’s Residential Building Energy Code, and we need your help and feedback!

Please join us in either Atlanta, Perry, or Savannah with your thoughts and ideas on the following questions, so we can address your needs and concerns:

  • What kind of training and education would be most helpful to contractors trying to understand and work with Georgia’s residential building energy code?
  • What are the pros and cons of the current residential energy code?
  • What do different industries need to know so as to be most helpful to you in reaching energy code in your projects?

Our goal in developing these new trainings and tools is to make the residential energy code as easy-to-understand and work with as possible, which will ultimately benefit homeowners through energy savings and building comfort.

If you work in the building industry we need your input. Come and tell us what we should know!

Atlanta: February 12, 2015 at the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center. 1-4 pm

Perry: February 25, 2015 at the Council Chambers of Perry City Hall. 9am- noon

Savannah: February 26th, The Home Builders Association of Greater Savannah. 1-4 pm

Thank you to all the stakeholders who attended our open forums to learn more and discuss the Residential Energy Code Field Study! We appreciate all the participation. We have concluded this set of meetings but please refer to our Resources section below for the presentation slides


On December 3rd, 2014,  SEEA, Advanced Energy and Southface Energy Institute invited key stakeholders to Atlanta for a project kick off meeting. The PowerPoint from this meeting can be found here for more details on the project:

Throughout February 2015, the Georgia Project team held 3 open form stakeholder engagement meetings to further discuss ideas and receive feedback from those in attendance. The PowerPoint can be found here:


The Project Team

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Contact Information

Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance
Lauren Westmoreland
Director of Built Environment

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