Building Energy Codes – Compliance

Once a code has been adopted and resources deployed to support its implementation, assessment must be completed to ensure the code is being complied with in the field and the expected energy savings are realized. In addition, the assessment process provides helpful direction in determining subsequent training and resources requirements. SEEA supports compliance efforts by:

  • Commissioning compliance baseline snapshots
  • Coordinating compliance gap-focused training and resources
  • Supporting utilities in creating energy code compliance programs


Florida is a leader in the Southeast, both for its quantity of construction and for the new energy code it will adopt next year. SEEA has partnered with a local consultant, AZS Consulting, to provide energy code circuit rider services. The Florida Circuit Rider will complete compliance baseline snapshots and provide technical assistance to local jurisdictions throughout the state. By providing these services before the code changes, SEEA and AZS Consulting will be able to identify compliance gaps that need to be addressed, and will plan the state training  programs accordingly.