Eileen Nebhut


Eileen joined SEEA in 2011 as Program Director and for the next year and a half she managed the execution of a $20M DOE grant that provided funding for over a dozen organizations doing home energy retrofits across the southeast.

In 2013 Eileen transitioned into the Business Development Director role to build the SEEA Membership Program. The Membership Program is responsible for cultivating the relationships with large energy producers and users in and beyond the SEEA territory and for bringing in membership monies that contribute to SEEA’s diverse funding base.  

Eileen has a diverse background that includes over twenty years in the publishing, art and residential design worlds of Nashville, New York, Cape Town and London. Since 2015, Eileen has been a speaker/ambassador for the Atlanta Beltline and in 2017 she joined the board of the Green Chamber of the South.  Eileen is a graduate of Vanderbilt University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology.